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Don't let a local move fool you! A local move is 50 miles or less, and most moves can be completed in a day. However, even a move down the street can take days of preparation. You have to buy packing materials, pack your bags and boxes, then haul them to your new home. That's why many customers hire San Antonio local movers.

We at Chapa's Moving Service understand that a local move can be stressful. We provide efficient, personalized, and affordable San Antonio local moving services. No matter what you need or where you're moving to, a team of trained and professional movers will provide comprehensive assistance. We serve all of San Antonio and the Greater San Antonio area. Here's what you should know about our San Antonio local moving company.

Hiring San Antonio Local Movers - Top Reasons

People hire San Antonio local moving companies for various reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why people hire them.


Packing may seem simple, but it's a multi-step process that takes place over days. Most people don't have packing materials on hand, so they have to go to the store to buy them. Many people buy the wrong supplies or do not have enough supplies, so they have to go back. You can break items while putting them in boxes or moving the boxes, forcing you to buy replacements.

San Antonio local movers can take care of everything. Our San Antonio short distance movers provide complete packing services, including the delivery of packing materials to your door. You can buy packing supplies from us and pack some items on your own. Our local moving service crew has extensive experience in packing fragile, valuable, and specialty items, including antiques. We assign an experienced local mover to act as your moving coordinator and oversee the whole process, giving you a stress free process.

Are you looking for experienced movers and packers in San Antonio? Contact Chapa's Moving Service, and hire the best local San Antonio movers!

Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is another multi-step and stressful process. Many people injure themselves while lifting items. You can damage your items, floors, and doors if you're not careful or if you're moving your possessions alone.

Our San Antonio short distance movers can perform all the heavy lifting. Our 34 San Antonio movers work together to move items efficiently and safely. We can prevent damage to your items and save you hours. We offer furniture assembly and disassembly. Our San Antonio short distance moving company can reassemble and rearrange furniture and place boxes in the proper rooms of your new residence.

San Antonio Local Moving Specialized Equipment and Training

Our San Antonio short distance movers use the best movers, equipment, and software to perform a stress free move. Here's what you should know about our moving team.

Our Crew

To perform a smooth local move, our San Antonio local movers receive training in every step of the moving process. We train each San Antonio local mover to provide friendly customer service, including customized quotes for each move. Our movers can handle all your boxes and belongings, even bulky and unusually shaped items. We'll prepare your items for the move, assemble and disassemble them, pack them, and transport them in no time. We can perform full service piano moves anywhere in our service area.

Do you want the most efficient and reliable San Antonio local movers to perform your move? Call 210-627-3040 to hire a team of professional movers today!

Our Trucks and Moving Equipment

Our movers have access to the best trucks and moving equipment in the moving industry. We have 13 26-foot box trucks, providing plenty of space for all your items. Our trucks come with a full array of tools and packing supplies. We can use dollies and carts to move your items between locations. We offer free wardrobe boxes, and we can give you extra boxes if you want to pack additional items. We'll keep your items safe with shrink wrap, furniture blankets, straps, and tape.

Our trucks come with truck tracking technology, GPSes, and special software so you always know where your items are. Our truck drivers use the fastest possible routes to deliver your items and save you time.

Chapa's Moving Service Is the Best San Antonio Local Moving Company

You may come across several San Antonio local movers. Don't pick the first one you see, even if they seem professional. You should ask your friends and family about any local San Antonio movers they've hired. If you don't get any suggestions, you can go online and check Yelp and Google reviews. 

Visit the website of each San Antonio moving company and see which one offers the best moving services. Make sure that any local moving company in San Antonio has a license and insurance. You can get San Antonio local moving quotes and compare the cost of services together but don't hire a local mover just because they're cheap. You should make sure you're getting good services from experts.

Once you've researched San Antonio local movers, you'll find that Chapa's Moving Service is the best local movers. We have over 150 positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.8. We have a license and insurance, including general liability insurance. You can buy moving insurance from us to protect your belongings.

We can handle all the details in your moving process. We offer San Antonio moving services no other San Antonio local moving company provides, including climate controlled storage services. Our highly trained crew can take care of all your moving needs using the proper equipment while providing friendly customer service. We can give you a free estimate with no hidden fees, including for moves in Downtown San Antonio.

How Much Does a San Antonio Local Move Cost?

It can be hard to estimate the cost of San Antonio local moving companies in advance. Several factors affect the cost of your local relocation. A major factor that affects your quote is distance. The longer your relocation is, the more money you will pay. We charge an hourly rate for our local movers in San Antonio, so moves that require a long time will cost more.

Another important factor is your belongings. Some San Antonio short distance moving companies charge by box or by item. Other movers add an additional charge if they have to disassemble furniture or make special preparations. A San Antonio local moving company can charge a higher rate if you live in a second-floor apartment.

Keep in mind each service has its own cost. You may pay one rate for San Antonio local moving services and another for packing services or storage services.

No matter how many services you need, you can get a free quote. We strive to make each San Antonio local moving service affordable and personalized. You will also always receive support from experienced movers in San Antonio.

Chapa's Moving Service is the most trusted San Antonio TX local moving company. We can give you a stress free San Antonio move, no matter where you're moving to. We serve all of San Antonio and the Greater San Antonio area, including Downtown San Antonio. Give us a call at 210-627-3040 and receive a free estimate with transparent pricing.

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