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Packing Services Serving San Antonio & McAllen / Rio Grande Valley

When you plan to move in or around the San Antonio or McAllen/Rio Grande Valley region, you need packing supplies and support. At Chapa’s Moving, we provide you with all the help you need because you may not have time to pack your home or even order supplies. We handle everything for you, and our team customizes packing services in San Antonio to meet your needs.

To prepare for your move, we ask that you:

● Label office furniture
● Label electronics, cables, and power sources
● Label machines and industrial equipment
● Mark items that we should leave behind

As a Better Business Bureau accredited business with 40 years of experience in the area, we respond to all messages quickly, and we offer expert advice no matter the scope of your move. We adhere to your wishes during the move, go at your pace, and take care of every item we touch. You do not need to oversee our team because someone from Chapa’s Moving supervises the move so that you can help us layout your new space, conduct business, and make the necessary arrangements.

Packing Services in San Antonio for Moving Your Family or Business

There are full and partial packing services available for every moving plan. When you meet with one of our moving coordinators, they can explain how our packing services work. We explain how much packing is required, how many people should help, and how long the task will take. When ready, you can schedule an appointment to meet with our staff and let them pack, or you can ask your moving coordinator to place an order for supplies.

Our full-service packing services include everything in your home or office. We label every box with the items inside and the room where it should go. We use the highest quality packing materials in the industry, and we use our 40 years of experience to pack each box efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Our fragile packing services include all the most valuable or breakable items in your home or office. Let us know where your dishes, glassware, instruments, artwork, collectibles, baskets, and other fragile items are. Business owners or managers can lead us to computers, printers, or servers. When packing these items, we take extra care when loading them on our truck or helping you load them in your personal vehicle. We also offer fragile packing services for antique furniture that may not hold up under traditional moving conditions.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself option, we help you purchase all the packing materials and let you do the rest. Our packing services in San Antonio can change if you run out of time for packing or misjudge how much packing must be done.

Types of Moving Boxes

When planning your move, we have a wide range of packing supplies, including boxes for everything in the home or office. Review our box options before placing an order, and let your moving coordinator explain which boxes you need. We offer:

● 1.5-cubic-foot carton/book box
● 3.0-cubic-foot medium box
● 4.5-cubic-foot large box

Aside from the most popular boxes, we also offer dish packs that include corrugated cardboard to separate dishes during transit. Mirror boxes help to safely pack mirrors, paintings, artwork, and anything else with a frame, such as your diploma or degree. Two-piece boxes are available when you want to customize the box to fit a particular item, and we offer four-piece boxes for your bulkiest belongings.

We also offer a wardrobe box with a 24-inch bar. Transfer your closet to these boxes and tape the box shut instead of packing clothing into your luggage and wrinkling your clothes.

Which Packing Supplies Do You Need?

Packing supplies for your move come to your home when our team arrives, or we can ship them to your house or office. We offer large boxes of packing tape, bubble wrap, and stretch-wrap. We can also order newsprint by the pound to help pack fragile items.

A Pro-Wrap paper pad helps prepare fragile furniture pieces, and we can explain how to use these paper pads when necessary. While we can estimate how many supplies you should order, we understand that moving is unpredictable. We prefer to order extras or spares so that you do not run out. If you do not see something you need, contact your moving coordinator for assistance.

If you do not use all your packing supplies, we can take back all unopened items. You will receive a refund on your moving total when the job is done.

Free Supply Delivery and Support

We offer free delivery for your first order of packing supplies and boxes, and you can place additional orders in the future. If you are trying to save money by packing on your own, reach out to our staff with any questions you have. Our packing services in San Antonio include residential and commercial moves, storage, piano moving, and long-distance options in the McAllen/Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio areas.

At Chapa’s Moving, we are happy to take your call, schedule an estimate, and help prepare for your move. Call 956-403-6833 for service in McAllen/Rio Grande Valley or 210-627-0340 for assistance in San Antonio. You may also complete our online contact form for information or to ask questions about our packing services in San Antonio.

Contact Chapa’s Moving for Assistance Today

Reach out to our local movers in San Antonio when you need help moving in the San Antonio or McAllen/Rio Grande Valley area. Call 210-627-0340 for service in San Antonio or 956-686-3247 for assistance in the Rio Grande Valley. Our online contact form is also available if you prefer to write us a message. We can visit your home, explain the costs involved, and schedule your move today.


The crew took very good care of our furniture. They wrapped everything and took care loading and unloading. Will definitely hire them again.

Eli G.

The guys who moved me were careful with my belongings. They knew how to take my couch apart immediately which shows they knew what they were doing. There were no issues of having anything broken or not being handled properly. The guys were very respectful and were professional. They did a very good job and I would recommend them to others.

Sylvia C.

Our movers Adrian & Jerry were amazing! They literally have a quick process & are very good at what they do. What I thought of fast would be about 45 mins to move the items we had, they practically went above and beyond & removed our items in about 20 minutes if not less. Incredible & hardworking people. We will definitely be using this company again.

Alexandra C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving and Packing Tips.

What are my Responsibilities?

It is preferable that you are present during the packing of your belongings and imperative that you take responsibility for your jewelry and other high value items. If possible, please take these items with you. If you must pack these items, know where they are located, and make a descriptive note that you have these items on your Bill of Lading. Furthermore, make sure to sign the inventory of your belongings and do not pack any prohibited items.


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