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Long Distance Movers Serving San Antonio & McAllen / Rio Grande Valley

Contact our long distance movers in San Antonio for service in the area and McAllen/Rio Grande Valley. Long-distance moves put a strain on the family that is difficult to describe, and you are likely not prepared to drive a moving van up to 1000 miles away after packing and preparing your new home. At Chapa’s Moving, we work to ensure you receive the best services, long-distance moving support, and advice.

Our Long-Distance Movers Assist With Complex Moves in San Antonio & the Rio Grande Valley

Preparing for a move is the most crucial part for our customers. We understand that this is a busy time for you and your family, and a long-distance move can be even more difficult for everyone because the move must happen all at once. We recommend a few things in preparation for your move:

● Carry particular collectible or delicate items with you
● Plan your travel, be it a drive, flight, or train trip
● Find a place for your children to stay for their safety
● Board your pets or allow them to travel with you
● Mark anything that should stay in the house
● Host a yard sale to earn extra money

As part of your preparations, select the day you prefer to move. You may need to take time off work, or you might need to move on a particular day because of your condo or HOA rules. Let us know when the house must be cleared out, and we will leave the house ready for the real estate agent or new owner.

Contact us at any time when you have questions about your move. We are happy to adjust your estimate or services as needed. We abide by your suggestions, and you can even leave us to pack the house while you travel. We ensure the safety of your old home and your belongings and offer progress reports as needed.

Our Long-Distance Movers in San Antonio Do Everything for You

As long-distance movers in San Antonio, we ensure that you do not lift a finger during the move. We recommend the services we believe you need, and we work with you to generate an estimate based on the particular services you require. We review the property during our visit, determine which vans or trucks we should use, and schedule a time for your move.

As we talk about your move, including all the things we can do, such as:

● Packing
● Unpacking
● Driving

Packing your home is often the most challenging part of the process, and we step in to help when needed. We have all the packing supplies you need, plus 40 years of experience in the field. Our teams pack boxes every day, and they label every box with care. We secure everything, and we use professional equipment to load the truck. Shrinkwrap covers your furniture when necessary, and we also break down your furniture for easy removal.

One of the most difficult parts of a long-distance move is taking your vehicle to a new location. Many people are not prepared to drive long distances to their new home. That’s why we can set up car transportation on your behalf. If you choose to drive your vehicle, you may go ahead of us or ride alongside our truck.

Upon arrival at your new home, we reassemble all your furniture. We do the same for swing sets, playground equipment, and the reconnection of appliances or electronics. Appropriately packing fragile items is extremely important if you believe you cannot travel with them. That is why we build custom crates when it is obvious your belongings will not fit in traditional containers or boxes.

Each box goes in the room you choose, and we check our inventory to ensure everything you own is present. We unpack custom crates, and we also unpack and reassemble pianos or precious musical instruments.

We also offer storage in our temperature-controlled facilities if you cannot move all your items at once. Short-term storage helps you move your items out of the house before completing repairs or renovations. Long-term storage helps when your new home is not ready, you need storage space to prevent clutter, or your new home is not large enough for all your belongings. Our storage facilities have security systems, video surveillance equipment, and fire protection for your peace of mind.

Long Distance Movers in San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley Area

During a long-distance move, we also offer shipment protection for everything we move. Contact us today at Chapa’s Moving to work with our long-distance movers in San Antonio. Call 956-686-3247 for assistance in McAllen/Rio Grande Valley, or call 210-627-0340 for help in San Antonio. You may fill out our online contact form to request information and ask any questions.

Contact Chapa’s Moving for Assistance Today

Reach out to our local movers in San Antonio when you need help moving in the San Antonio or McAllen/Rio Grande Valley area. Call 210-627-0340 for service in San Antonio or 956-686-3247 for assistance in the Rio Grande Valley. Our online contact form is also available if you prefer to write us a message. We can visit your home, explain the costs involved, and schedule your move today.


The crew took very good care of our furniture. They wrapped everything and took care loading and unloading. Will definitely hire them again.

Eli G.

The guys who moved me were careful with my belongings. They knew how to take my couch apart immediately which shows they knew what they were doing. There were no issues of having anything broken or not being handled properly. The guys were very respectful and were professional. They did a very good job and I would recommend them to others.

Sylvia C.

Our movers Adrian & Jerry were amazing! They literally have a quick process & are very good at what they do. What I thought of fast would be about 45 mins to move the items we had, they practically went above and beyond & removed our items in about 20 minutes if not less. Incredible & hardworking people. We will definitely be using this company again.

Alexandra C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving and Packing Tips.

What are my Responsibilities?

It is preferable that you are present during the packing of your belongings and imperative that you take responsibility for your jewelry and other high value items. If possible, please take these items with you. If you must pack these items, know where they are located, and make a descriptive note that you have these items on your Bill of Lading. Furthermore, make sure to sign the inventory of your belongings and do not pack any prohibited items.


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